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Verdigris Strategic is a long-term investor and business transformation specialist that supports the
successful, sustainable growth of industry, mining, metals and green energy assets and businesses.

Verdigris builds partnerships to shape resilient businesses that deliver real benefits for investors,
stakeholders and communities.


Verdigris’ expertise ranges from strategic advice, resource
evaluation and investment through to operational delivery, new capabilities and on-going


Verdigris is well-versed in the implementation of investment strategies through organic growth and high-value mergers and acquisitions – from defining strategic objectives, asset identification and pre-qualification through to due diligence, transaction execution and asset integration.

Verdigris has a strong track record of communicating across all stakeholder groups – from international regulatory bodies, national and regional governments to trade unions, employees, the media and the various investors and lenders in the financial community.

Verdigris provides strategic advice to a range of clients including investors and multinational corporations. Among the projects we have advised on include: a number of large mine development projects; a technology venture to reduce energy use in mining; a major recycling project; an investment fund focussing on natural resources; and a programme to refine key metals needed for electric car batteries.

Our Business and Services

Investing Strategies: Using our capabilities and industry contacts developed over several decades, we look to identify projects and businesses that we believe we can help develop and grow through long term investing.


We are also the strategic advisors helping to create a new fund. Specialising in the resources sector which we plan to support in its portfolio growth and deployment.

Advisory: Having extensive experience across the sectors where we operate, Verdigris provides support for all elements of a project, from the initial asset identification, through to strategies on fund raising, partnerships, management, construction and operation.

Our Key Sectors 

We are focused primarily on strategic advice and investing, supporting the following sectors:

  • Mining – from initial exploration though to refining and international sales

  • Metals – including traditional primary metals (such as copper and aluminium) as well as metals that support the green economy (such as lithium and cobalt)

  • Metals recyclingpromoting recycling to balance the need for new and reusable primary metals across the supply chain

  • Industrials and automotive – contributing complementary processes and technologies to existing businesses to increase or deliver additional value

  • Energy – supporting energy intensive users with green solutions to build a more sustainable operating model

  • Infrastructure – developing and optimising the infrastructure that supports mining, metals and industrial business globally

  • Technology – working with new, disruptive and clean technologies to improve the industries where we operate

Our History

The Verdigris business was founded by Jay Hambro who began taking on strategic advisory roles in 2021.  Jay has a proven track record in building and growing high performance companies in the metals, mining, industrial and green energy sectors for more than two decades including the development, financing, construction and operations of projects around the world.

Verdigris has a talented in-house team of managers and analysts based in London which is augmented by a network of experienced sector experts who support our clients, investments, investors and key stakeholders.

18 Upper Brook Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 7PU

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